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Do I Need a Personal Umbrella?

A common misconception is that you need a lot of money or property to need an Ohio Personal Umbrella Policy. This is very far from the truth. In the “sue-and–sue big” world that we live in today, all of us are vulnerable to involvement in situations where we could be found liable. Just by owning a home, renting an apartment, operating a motor vehicle, keeping a pet or possessing a boat or other recreational items, we could become targets of legal action and face potentially huge judgments in addition to high legal defense cost.

 Here are a few examples of the need for a Personal Umbrella Policy:

 1.    A youngster drowns in a pool. A jury awards $450,000 to the parents.

 2.    Three people are riding in a car that is demolished. One person killed, his wife seriously injured. The judgment $650,000.

 3.    A verdict if $250,000 is rendered on behalf of a child who loses an eye after being attacked by a dog on a playground.

4.    A parent is transporting her son’s team to a local game and her van is involved in an accident. Two children are seriously injured, another killed, and she is sued for several million dollars by the parents.


 A personal umbrella policy expands the coverage and limits of your present auto, homeowners and other primary policies you own. Here’s some peace of mind you’ll get with a Personal Umbrella Policy:

 1.    Excess liability coverage over your primary policies for mishaps occurring anywhere in the world.

 2.    Defense coverage! Legal cost can easily overwhelm personal savings and other assets. (A Personal Umbrella Policy is really a cheap way to cover attorney cost.)

3.    Supplementary Payments. For example, many policies cover up to $250 per day for loss of wages or salary if you are required to attend hearings or trials.

4.    A MILLION DOLLARS OF COVERAGE. Your personal umbrella policy typically covers you for up to $1,000,000 for each occurrence and even higher limits are available!

 All this protection can be purchased for a very modest cost. You will be amazed just how affordable a Personal Umbrella Policy can be! For more information about Personal umbrella insurance in Dayton or Englewood Ohio check out