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Employer Liability Insurance

Ohio Employers Are Vulnerable

Ohio employers are finding themselves in an uncomfortable position. In the past, you, as an employer in this state, have relied on the Ohio Intentional Tort Fund to provide you with coverage for damages payable for so-called "intentional torts." The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled the fund unconstitutional, thus, exposing you to intentional tort liability.

Bridging the Gap

We want to provide you with the insurance coverage you need. That's why the Employers Liability Coverage-Ohio was developed.

Who Qualifies

Ohio Employers who participate in the State Workers' Compensation program or qualified self-insurers for Workers' Compensation in the State of Ohio may be eligible for this coverage. We can help you determine your eligibility.

Employers Liability Coverage-Ohio

This insurance is written in conjunction with your business package and closely adheres to the ruling of the Ohio Supreme Court. Note that bolidy injury to your employees resultingfrom an Intentional Act is always considered outside the employment replationship.The definition of Intentional Act conforms to that of the Ohio Supreme Court.

  • Because this protection is so important to you, we are offering these features at a very competitive price.
  • Coverage on an occurrence basis.
  • Defense costs in addition to limits of insurance.
  • Coverage in Ohio and extended to locations necessary and incidental to your Ohio operations.
  • Annual limits of $100,000 per employee/ $500,000 aggregate.

Consider Your Options

These features are avaliable:

  • Higher annual limits may be purchased
  • Deductible and/or co-insurance for reductions in premium

Your Good Record = Savings

We base your rate on your Ohio Workers' Compensation premium. By doing so, you benefit from your good workers' compensation experience. We have one of the broadest umbrella liability policies available in the industry today. You gain an increased amount of coverage when you put our umbrella over Employers Liability Coverage-Ohio.