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Professional Liability Insurance

Because accidents happen ... even to you!

It's time you thought about the unthinkable ... an accident so serious it threatens your reputation and your business. In today's legal environment, that's not unlikely. Here are some real examples of catastrophic losses:

  • A dentist failed to pre-medicate a 39-year-old breadwinner with a spouse and children. He died from complications of bacterial endocarditic. Verdict: $3,169,661.
  • An optometrist failed to diagnose that a child's retina was pale, indicating a reduced blood supply. The child is now blind, after brain surgery to remove a tumor. Amount paid: $1,990,000.

Because you’re professional practice represents a huge investment.

You've spent most of your lifetime investing in the education, tools, facilities and relationships that make up a professional practice.

What could the cost of defending a lawsuit do to your business? You need someone by your side who can help protect your reputation as well as your wallet. Our underlying policies and Umbrellas may be designed to protect many different types of businesses including tool design, computer software design and media design or broadcasting.