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Vacant Property Insurance

Vacant Building

Our product covers vacant commercial and residential buildings, condominium units and rental space, as well as partially vacant buildings. Coverage for contents and risks with renovations is also available. There is no restriction on the length of vacancy and we offer flexible policy terms of 3,6,9 or 12 months. Special form and replacement cost are available for buildings 25 years old or newer.

Partially Vacant Building

This product is designed for buildings that are partially occupied. We can entertain partially vacant buildings that are under renovation. We can provide a policy that will insure the building while it is partially vacant and oftentimes we can continue our coverage once the building is fully occupied; eliminating the need for you to re-write the account.

Vacant Land

This product targets applicants owning up to 1,000 acres at any one location that is completely vacant, not leased to others, and has no construction activity scheduled to occur during our policy term. Land with ponds up to 25 acres in size are eligible.

Land Leased to Others

This product is specifically designed for land that is not vacant, but leased to others for use. Land leased for hunting, crop farming, animal grazing, equipment storage, parking lots, athletic fields and land with buildings on the premises are several of the eligible risks. Land with up to 1,000 acres and with ponds up to 25 acres in size are also eligible. Credits are available if the tenant is required to maintain the premises and also if the tenant names the land owner as an additional insured on their general liability policy.