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Employee Benefits Insurance

Employee Benefits Insurance

Communication is often the missing component to an effective employee benefit strategy. Rather than simply enroll your employees let us communicate your benefit plan in such a way that attracts and keeps employees to your business. Each industry requires its own unique approach to benefit communication. Let us help you design your next benefit communication strategy that is user friendly to the average worker and comprehensive.

Eighty-one per cent of employees don't realize their employer's investment in them, through company provided benefits. (ACHRA Survey, February, 1997) Employees don't put a value on insurance benefit costs, pension contributions, or other components of employee benefit strategy. They take for granted vacation time and sick leave; not knowing the costs their company incurs for employee time off.

What style is best? Group meetings, one on one, IVR, Internet, and/or complete turnkey open enrollment. Together we can decide what will work best.

The Benefit Statement - revealing the hidden paycheck

Our benefit statement educates employees about their hidden paycheck. Our benefit counselors explain the item-by-item cost of each benefit and show just how much is paid for those benefits. When you counsel employees properly about their benefits, the effect is two-fold. Not only does their morale improve, but also the appreciation for their employer greatly increases.

Example: Confidential Benefit Statement for Mike Smith

In addition to the wages that you receive from ABC Company, you have a comprehensive employee benefits package that includes the following:

The Value of Your Benefits

ABC Company’s Annual CostYour Annual Contribution
Medical Plan
(children & employee)
Life Insurance$67.20$0
Dental Coverageincluded in medical planincluded in medical plan
Vacation (80 hrs $700)included in annual payincluded in annual pay
Holidays (6days $420)included in annual payincluded in annual pay
Social Security$1,128.40$1,128.40
Worker’s Compensation$1,963.91$0
Unemployment Insurance$888.16$0

Your Annual Pay$18,200.00
The Value of Your Benefits$6,488.29
Your Total Compensation$24,688.29

ABC Company’s contribution for your benefits adds 36% to your take home pay!

Medical Plan

You are signed up under children and employee insurance coverage. Our group medical plan is with United HealthCare of Ohio (UHC). The plan offers two levels of coverage. To receive a higher level of coverage, employees should seek health services from a UHC participating provider. However you may choose to see a physician or visit a hospital that is non participating.

Lifetime MaxUnlimited$1,000,000
Mental Health$2070%-30%

Group Term Life Insurance

Our group term life insurance is with UHC. It is $10,000 coverage until you are 65 years old. At age 65 the coverage is reduced to $5,000 and you are no longer covered under the plan at age 70 and older.

Dental Coverage

Annual Deductible per calendar year

  • $50/individual
  • $150/family
  • 100%, with waiver of deductible for routine oral exams, prophylaxis and diagnostic x-rays (Group I).
  • 90% for all other covered preventative and routine services (Group II).
  • 50% crowns, inlays, gold filings, dentures, and fixed bridgework.
  • $1000 on children’s Orthodontia.

Holidays/Vacation Days

We recognize six paid holidays. You are eligible for 80 hrs paid vacation.

Social Security

For exact figures regarding your Social Security Benefits, please contact the Social Security Administration office at (800)772-1213.

This Confidential Benefit Summary is a brief description and it is not perfectly accurate, for further details consult the benefit booklet and your employee handbook.