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Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

Kidnap and extortion-fact, not fiction

It doesn't just happen in the movies. Recent events make it clear Americans are increasingly at risk at home as well as abroad. The threat of terrorism on American soil is now a reality. The growing global marketplace demands that American executives and employees travel worldwide, increasing the risk of kidnap and extortion.

Control Risks Group, an organization discussed later on this page, reports 2,304 international kidnappings during a recent four-year period. The Federal Bureau of Investigation tracks domestic kidnappings. In a recent six-month period, the FBI received 274 reports of kidnappings.

Strict secrecy is a must

Your Kidnap/Ransom Extortion Policy must be confidential. The very nature of this insurance demands discretion. Wagner Insurance Agency can assist you in managing this frightening risk.

Who is at risk?

You must consider whether you, your family members, your associates and employees are at risk.

  • Do you travel overseas either on business or for pleasure?
  • Do you travel to high-risk countries?
  • Do you have access to large amounts of cash?
  • Does the media report your earnings?
  • Are you or your organization engaged in an unpopular or controversial activity?
  • Does your company do business in high-risk areas?
  • Are you a high profile, rich or famous member of your community?

Our Kidnap/ Ransom Extortion coverage is designed to deal with today's world.

Policies can be tailored to apply to specific individuals or positions in your organization at risk for kidnap and extortion. This state-of-the-art policy:

  • reimburses ransom surrendered to meet a kidnap or ransom demand
  • reimburses personal financial loss incurred by the kidnap victim
  • covers reward paid to an informant
  • pays for psychiatric, medical and legal advice for the kidnap victim
  • pays many other additional expenses as listed in the policy

Control Risks Group

The policy provides for the deployment of Control Risks Group, a consulting firm comprised of people with specialized military, intelligence and covert skills. Control Risks Group manages the crisis by negotiating safe return of the victim or victims, identifying parties responsible for the kidnapping or extortion and by arranging transfer of ransom.

In the event of a kidnap/ransom, a Control Risks Group team moves in to manage the crisis.

Control Risks has four principal objectives:

  • achieve the safe release of the victim
  • support the family of the victim
  • protect the client's legal and commercial interests
  • minimize management disruption and stress

Control Risks Group has handled more than 400 cases of kidnap and extortion since 1975.