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Juvenile Life Insurance

Juvenile Life Insurance

We offer a choice of three juvenile policies to insure the lives of young people ages 15 days through 16 years. Simplified underwriting procedures require the applicant to answer only three medical questions, eliminating the need for any medical exams or tests.

Whether you are looking for permanent or term life insurance to cover a child, we have a juvenile policy that meets your needs.

Protect your child now from the uncertainties of the future.

Juvenile Universal Life

  • Flexible premium payments, cash values and face amount allow policyholders to customize the policy to meet the needs of the insured now and into the future.
  • Cash values grow on a tax-deferred basis.
  • Provides protection to age 95.

Guaranteed Whole Life

  • Guaranteed premiums, death benefit, cash values and paid-up insurance amounts.
  • Cash values grow on a tax deferred basis.
  • Provides guaranteed protection to age 100.

Juvenile Convertible Term

  • Low-cost term life insurance protection.
  • Convertible between the ages 20 and 26 to a permanent policy for up to five times the initial death benefit amount.

The future is full of uncertainty, and the time to start planning is now. Plan for your child's financial future with juvenile life insurance.