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Aircraft Products Insurance

The Protection We Offer

We provide coverage for injury or damage arising out of the services you provide or products you manufacture, sell, design, handle or distribute-as well as the costs of legal defense against allegations of damages. Grounding coverage is also provided to pay damages for aircraft loss of use if a United States or other governmental authority "grounds" an aircraft model due to your product. Substantial coverage for bodily injury, property damages, and grounding is available.

Avoid costly surprises

General liability policies may exclude aviation product liability. Your best protection against a coverage gap is a thorough and objective analysis by us. We will then quote an accurate and fair premium for the coverage you need. The choice, at that point, is yours.

Are you vulnerable?

We can help you analyze your exposure to risk. Even if your product isn't intended or sold for aviation use, you may still be one of the many manufacturers or distributors of components, off-the-shelf items, or raw materials which find their way into aircraft-possible without your knowledge.

Beyond underwriting and claims handling

Our coverage includes the broadest spectrum of loss prevention and loss management activities. Our strengths lie not only in astute underwriting, expert litigation management and effective adjustment of claims, but also in the broader arena of loss prevention and control.

Dealing from strength

We do not seek the easy out in settling claims. When liability exists, we will pursue an equitable settlement. We strive always to protect the good names of our clients. And because of our expertise, we will often prevail where others cannot. We know precisely what we are doing-and our adversaries know it, too. Because of our resources, we can resolve your claims with confidence.

Even though your allocated fault in a lawsuit among a number of co-defendants is just 1%, the law may make you responsible for payment of all damages, and even if your defense attorneys succeed in vindicating you of liability, victory can still cost thousands or even millions of dollars in unrecoverable legal fees and expenses.

To put it bluntly, a products liability suit arising from a loss caused by one of your products or services can wipe out profits or even destroy your business. Damages in the hundreds of millions of dollars have been awarded, unsubstantiated allegations can force you to spend thousands of dollars for legal defense, the total cost can be staggering...with potential for striking a death blow to your company.

It's astonishing how easily you can become liable for damages and legal costs in a products liability suit, you may be liable even if...

  • Your connection with a mishap is tenuous, but you are perceived as the defendant with substantial assets, and thus your “deep pockets” become the prime target of a lawsuit.
  • You only sell (not design or manufacture) the product.
  • You only provide a service.
  • You manufacture the product to someone else's specifications.
  • You are diligent in designing, producing and quality-testing the product.
  • You clearly warn about or disclaim liability for inappropriate uses of the product.
  • You issue an advisory to each buyer specifying corrective measures to avoid a potential hazard.

Your insurer is your first defense against aviation products liability claims. Selecting that insurer is a critical decision.