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Data Processing Insurance

Data Processing Insurance

Computers ... where would your business be without them?

Software Nightmares ... If only it were a dream ... when your system suffers a mechanical breakdown, there may be damage to your hardware. However, even more serious is the loss of information or the loss of media (discs, tapes, CD's) on which your information is stored. The cost of these items may be substantial, particularly the cost to reproduce your data base and replace your programs. Our E.D.P. extends coverage to these items for 20% of the Equipment Coverage Amount up to $10,000.

Your computer system organizes your communications, controls your inventory and holds your creative ideas. You have a significant investment in this technology and you should protect it.

Damage by fire, wind or theft may be covered on your conventional property insurance policy, but that policy may not completely protect your hardware, software and network capabilities. In order to protect your system against special electronic hazards, you need a policy tailored to the unique nature of the technology.

Accept No Clone

Our Electronic Data Processing Policy features protection from conventional causes of loss such as fire, wind and theft. More importantly, The E.D.P. Policy protects against loss caused by:

  • Accidental erasure of data
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Employee sabotage
  • Artificial power surges within 1,000 feet
  • Short circuiting of equipment
  • Sewer backup
  • Computer virus
  • Changes in temperature
  • Flood and earthquake
  • Sprinkler leakage

And Downtime Affects Your Bottom Line

What happens when your system goes down? In many businesses, the cost of downtime extends beyond the mere cost of repairs...the real financial impact involves the interruption of your business. If a computer breakdown could affect your earnings,or require that you incur additional expense to resume operation,then E.D.P. Loss of Income and Extra Expense coverage protects your revenues. The policy automatically provides this coverage up to a maximum of $10,000. Higher limits are available.

Supplemental Coverage

Your EDP Policy covers your property while on your premises. When it is necessary to move your equipment to another location, your coverage moves as well. In Transit and Away from Premises coverage for 20% of hardware/software limits is included up to $50,000, with increased limits available on request.

  • Newly acquired property up to $250,000 is automatically covered up to 90 days.
  • Re-charge expenses for fire protection systems are reimbursed up to $50,000.
  • Duplicate and back-up Data/Media stored at other locations are automatically covered up to 20% of the Data/ Media limits up to $10,000. Higher limits are available.
  • Replacement Cost property valuation with no co-insurance requirement.
  • Electrical disturbances within 1,000 feet of your location are covered.

Consider This Option

Our E.D.P. Policy covers damage from electrical disturbances that occur within 1,000 feet of your business location. You may want to further protect your system from hazards created by electrical disturbances beyond 1,000 feet. A distant electrical transformer explosion may do considerable damage to your computer system. Electrical Disturbance Coverage for this hazard may be extended as an option to your policy.

Protect your information technology with a high-tech insurance policy. Call us at: 937-223-2232 and ask about our E.D.P. coverage.