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Non Profit Insurance

from Wagner Insurance Agency

Non-Profit Program

Nonprofit Organizations are National Treasures on which Americans Depend!

There are more than a million nonprofit organizations in the United States today. These nonprofits include human and social service providers, foundations, associations, civic leagues and cooperatives and similar organizations--and the number is growing. According to the most recent edition of the Encyclopedia of Associations, for example, there are more than 23,000 national associations in the United States alone. The tens of thousands of local and state associations are not included in that count.

Nonprofit organizations come in many forms, engage in a broad array of functions and are just as diverse in their missions. They include churches and temples, youth organizations, shelters and residential facilities, fraternities, sororities and lodges, community theaters and special-interests clubs, farmers' cooperatives, trusts, business associations, trade organizations and social service civic leagues. It would be difficult to find an individual who is not a part of, or who does not benefit from, the efforts of the nonprofit community.

Nonprofit organizations, in other words, are not merely a corporate classification, they are national treasures on which Americans depend for aid, comfort and support, for entertainment and recreation, for personal and professional growth and as a means by which citizens can communicate with elected and other government officials.

Wagner Insurance invites you to contact us and learn about insurance and the role it plays in an effective risk management plan. Our firm is intended to make the insurance purchasing process easier and more efficient. Your organization should be able to design a better program with less time and effort--time and effort that can be redirected to your charitable, educational or community-serving mission.

Personal Service Is Our Hallmark

You receive intelligent, professional service from us with backing from a carefully managed, secure insurance program. When it comes to claim settlement, you get no-hassle performance from a member of your own community.

We Understand Your Business

Our program is unique because we recognize the low risks associated with most non-profit organizations. It is specifically designed so non profit organizations can receive larger discounts for General Liability, Special Events Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Professional Liability, and Employment Practices Liability. In addition we can combine your coverage with Umbrellas, Employee Dishonesty, Auto, and Property insurance into one neat package. We are also familiar with various funding issues as they relate to insurance. Our efficient processing of insurance documents will assist you in obtaining both public and private funding.