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Water Dealers Insurance

Package for Water Quality Dealers

What if you are faced with a business threatening liability suit or theft of a key piece of equipment? We can help you protect your business with the Package for Water Quality Dealers. This coverage provides superior property and commercial liability insurance designed to safeguard against losses unique to Water Quality Dealers.

To provide you with flexibility and convenience, your policy makes higher limits available at an additional premium for most coverage.

Liability protection

The commercial general liability coverage provided under our Package for Water Quality Dealers is among the broadest in the insurance marketplace. Losses are not subject to an annual aggregate limit of insurance (except products-completed operations claims). This means you are always protected, whether you have one covered loss or several.

Safeguard your building

Your building is one of your business's most valuable physical assets. The Package for Water Quality Dealers provides coverage for risks of direct physical loss to covered property.

In addition to protecting your building, we also cover your sign up to $10,000 and your appurtenant structures, such as garages, sheds or other buildings, up to $10,000.

On or off premises. You're covered

Your business personal property (BPP) can be as valuable to you as your building. If you take product samples, displays or other materials to a tradeshow or exhibition or if they are temporarily at a location you do not own, we cover them up to $10,000. They're even covered while in transit.

Under the general floater coverage, your miscellaneous tools are protected up to $5,000. In addition, the installation floater covers water softening/purification equipment during its installation (up to $5,000).

What if scenarios

What if a covered loss forces you to temporarily close your doors for repairs? We pay you for the loss of business income you sustain and the extra expenses you incur that are necessary to resume operations. Some policies put a dollar limit on this coverage. Our policy provides you with coverage for your actual loss sustained for up to 12 consecutive months following the covered loss.

What if someone breaks into your office and steals your cash on hand? The policy covers theft, disappearance and destruction up to $250.

What if your computer hardware or software becomes damaged by a covered cause of loss? Electronic data processing (EDP) coverage provides protection for your equipment (up to $10,000), data and media (up to $2,000) and loss of income (up to $2,000). When your computer equipment is off premises or in transit, coverage applies up to $2,000.

What if your business personal property values fluctuate during the year? Your BPP limit of insurance will automatically increase up to 25% to take care of peak season increases.

For an additional charge, you can add the Water Quality Dealers Optional Property Endorsement, which increases your limits for several coverages and adds new coverage all in one affordable pre-packaged bundle. Coverage already included in your package and available with higher limits include:

  • General floaters ($10,000)
  • Installation floaters ($10,000)
  • Ordinance or law coverage ($50,000)
  • Property off premises ($50,000)
  • Utility services time element ($50,000)
  • Money and securities-theft, disappearance & destruction ($5,000)
  • EDP equipment ($25,000)
  • EDP data and media ($5,000)
  • EDP loss of income ($5,000)
  • EDP in transit and away from premises ($5,000)
  • Water back up of sewers or drains ($10,000)
  • Contractors' equipment, such as pumps, hoists or specialized equipment ($10,000)
  • Employee Dishonesty Blanket Bond ($10,000)
  • Losses due to forgery or alteration of checks ($5,000)

Special Coverage - meeting your specific needs

Your specific business exposures may require customized coverage. We can meet your needs by adding optional coverages to your program.

Umbrella - Umbrella policies cover catastrophic liability losses. Considering today's legal climate, an umbrella policy may be a prudent choice. It increases your auto and general liability limits and also broadens your existing liability coverage.

Life Insurance - You may select coverage for income replacement and retirement planning, including protection to perpetuate your business, plan your estate, protect against loss of a key person and fund buy-sell agreements.

Leasing and financing - We finance all types of equipment and machinery, with special terms. Commercial truck and auto leases are also available.