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Religious Organizations Insurance

Religious Organization Program

Religious Organizations Program is a religious institution policy that can be tailored to fit the needs of virtually any organization.

This presentation outlines the coverage that we automatically provide, as well as optional coverage available.

Property Coverage

Your buildings and business personal property are covered on a Special basis, meaning your property is, protected against direct physical loss or damage that is not excluded or limited in the policy. The following are just some of the coverage additions and extensions that apply at no additional premium:

  • Building Items - Mirrors; electrical sound and communication, equipment; signs in the open within 1,000 feet of the premises; fixed seats; desks, tables, railings, alters, clocks, bells, organs, fire curtains; and glass, including sustained glass.
  • Business Personal Property - Within 1,000 feet of the premises.
  • Personal Property of Others - In your care, custody or control, within 1,000 feet of the premises.
  • Debris Removal - Subject to 25% of the loss, plus the applicable deductible.
  • Preservation of Property - Within 30 days of being moved.
  • Fire Department Service Charge - $1,000
  • Pollutant Clean-up and Removal - $10,000
  • Arson Reward - $5,000
  • Fire Extinguisher Recharge Expense - $l,000
  • Newly Acquired or Constructed Property - Up to $250,000 building coverage or up to $100,000 business personal property coverage for a period of 180 days.
  • Personal Effects and Property of Others - Up to $1,000 per person and $10,000 at each described owners premises.
  • Valuable Papers and Records - Cost of-Research $10,000
  • Property Off-Premises - Greater of $10,000 or 2001o of the business personal property limit, up to $20,000.
  • Outdoor Property - Up to $5,000 per occurrence, except, for trees, shrubs, or plants which axe limited to $500 per tree, shrub, or, plant for specific causes of loss.
  • Dwellings - Other Structures and Fair Rental Value When dwellings are covered by the policy, coverage is extended to include appurtenant structures, up to 15 % of the dwelling limit. Coverage is further extended to include rental value, up to an additional 15% of the dwelling limit.
  • Personal Property in Dwelling Quarters - Maintained for employees - $2,500
  • Business Personal Property of Clergy - Limit of $10,000 for each clergy member, but not more than-, $20,000 per occurrence.
  • Accounts Receivable - $2,000
  • Loss of Food in Refrigerator Freezer - Caused by power interruption or mechanical breakdown, - $ 1,000
  • Back-up of Sewers or Drains - $1,000
  • Outdoor Signs - Attached to buildings, $1,000; in any one occurrence.
  • Property in Transit - Is covered for the greatest of $1,000 or 20% of the first personal property limit, subject to a maximum of $15,000.

Optional Expanded Property Coverage

The following coverage enhancements can be added for a nominal additional premium, subject to eligibility:

  • Fire Department Service Charges
  • Fire Extinguisher Recharge Expense - $5,000
  • Lock Replacement - $ 1,000
  • Forgery or Alteration - $2,500
  • Ordinance of Law Coverage - Loss to the undamaged portion of the building included in the building limit Demolition cost coverage - $25,000
  • Increased cost of construction - $25,000
  • Newly Acquired Construction Property - Up to $500,000 building coverage or $250,000 business personal property coverage for a period of 180 days.
  • Personal Effects and Property of Others - Up to $2,500 per person and $10,000 at each described owner's premises.
  • Property Off-Premises - $20,000
  • Outdoor Property - Up to $10,000 per occurrence
  • Accounts Receivable - $10,000
  • Back-up of Sewers and Drains - $10,000
  • Credit Card Invoices - $1,000
  • Power Interruption - $10,000
  • Inventory and Appraisal - $10,000

Liability Coverage

Our Religious Organization Program provides Liability Coverage starting at $300,000 for each occurrence, subject to an annual aggregate limit of $600,000. These coverage limits may be increased to $500,000 / $1,000,000 or $1,000,000 / $2,000,000 for slight increases in premium. In any case, the following additional liability coverage items are included at no additional premium.

  • Teacher's Liability: including corporal punishment
  • Donated Labor
  • Fire Legal Liability: up to $300,000
  • Damage to Property of Others: $250
  • Medical Payments: $5,000; including members, and volunteer workers, and sports participants on an excess basis.
  • Vacant Land
  • Product Liability

Optional Liability Coverage

  • Cemetery Liability
  • Counseling Professional Liability
  • Day Care Liabilit
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Employers Liability
  • Rental Dwellings
  • Sexual Misconduct Liability
  • Umbrella Coverage

Crime Coverage

Regardless of protection, few businesses or institutions are exempt from losses due to criminal activity. The Religious Organizations Program includes the following crime coverage items for no additional premium.

  • Employee Dishonesty: $10,000; to indemnify you in the event of an employee theft.
  • Theft, Disappearance and Destruction: $5,000 coverage for money and/or securities while inside your premises.
  • Theft, Disappearance and Destruction: $5,000 coverage for money and/or securities while away from your premises awaiting deposit.
  • Theft, Disappearance and Destruction coverage limits are automatically doubled to $10,000 on four dates of your choice, allowing you to increase your coverage during, holiday or special event periods.

The coverage limits for these items can be increased for additional premium charges.

Automobile Coverage

Hired and Non-Owned Auto coverage is automatically included, for no additional premium, at the same limits as provided for Liability coverage, provided your organization does not own any vehicles.

Automobile coverage for vehicles, you own, whether they are cars, vans or buses, is available under the Religious Organizations Program for the appropriate additional premium charges.